Japanese Call Centers - Services Page


Japanese Call Centers is among the leading multilingual voice and non-voice service outsourcing providers in the Philippines. We mainly cater to businesses with a Nihongo-speaking consumer base in need of topnotch customer service solutions delivered through the phone, email, and live chat.


Customer Service – Our firm understands the unique definition of hospitality and consumer needs of the Japanese people. Incorporating cultural education into our communication approach, we are able to deliver optimum service to Nihongo speakers. Our Japanese customer service representatives are trained not just to establish rapport fast, but also to make customers feel at ease and encourage them to entrust information that are crucial in finding the solutions to their problem.

Technical Support – Our tech support representatives are likewise trained to relay directions over the phone while keeping in mind that customers must be able to completely comprehend the technical instructions. We make sure that agents have precise knowledge about your products and services that they will be representing to be able to break down complex manuals into steps that are easier for end-users to digest.


Email – We offer Email Support as a way of multi-channeling your customer service unit. With this web-based tool in place, customers can take time to understand the instructions or refer to these at a later time. Just like our voice representatives, agents assigned to our email accounts are trained to put complex technical ideas into a conversational tone, without disregarding formalities that are strictly observed in Japan.

Live Chat – Your business can have an edge over competition by placing live chat support on your corporate website and e-commerce site. Setting up this tool will enable you to when improve engagement rates while lowering operations costs. Customers can have the convenience of getting instant answers without going through a call waiting list, while agents are able to conduct multiple chat sessions simultaneously, which only proves the cost-efficiency of instant messaging as a customer service channel.