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Why Japanese

The Japanese language, which is also formally called Nihongo, is well-known and widely spoken all over the world despite holding official language in only one country. Nihongo’s popularity is largely caused by the world’s fascination with Japan’s rich culture and eccentricity, which has been influencing other countries in the past century. With almost 200 million people speaking and learning the language across the globe, delivering customer service in the Japanese language is surely a strategic move for businesses that cater to Nihongo speakers.

Who we are

Japanese Call Centers is an outsourcing firm that offers customer support solutions via voice and web-based tools to businesses with a Japaneses-speaking consumer base. Operating in the Philippines, our workforce is culturally competent and is composed of bilingual professionals sourced from the country’s multicultural talent pool.

We recruit, train, and manage our staff following international outsourcing standards that are strictly upheld in our country of operations, which is the world leader in the call center trade. This compliance, along with our understanding of the Japanese culture, will assure positive engagement between your brand and your Nihongo-speaking customers.

What we do

Our Japanese call center agents, email support team, and live chat representatives are trained to assist customers and answer their questions regarding your products with empathy and cultural sensitivity in mind.

We use the latest technologies and methods to ensure that our voice channels are unhampered by technical difficulties, while our web-based tools are also regularly monitored and maintained to assure responsiveness and speed. Topped with superior training and management practices, we guarantee that our solutions will only be carried out by competent and highly qualified individuals.

Where we can take you

Japanese Call Centers can help cement your company’s place among the most trusted brands of the Nihongo-speaking market. Knowing that customer service is a highly regarded practice in Japan, we incorporate Japanese traditions into our communication approach to match the expectations of the Japanese people, who are known for having high professional standards. With the help of our time-tested best practices, your business can witness a boost both in profits and customer loyalty.